… With Small Town Pistols


Brother-sister duo Small Town Pistols filled in the blanks for us this week! Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson tell us their nicknames, hobbies, and of course, what they argue most about. After all, they are siblings!

Favorite reality show:

Amanda: The Next 48

Tyler: I don’t have cable

Nashville hotspot:

Amanda: Santa’s Pub

Tyler: The Melrose

We argue the most about:

Amanda: Song lyrics

Tyler: Ditto

Best place to write a new song:

Amanda: On a patio with a pint.

Tyler: Stop taking my answers.


Amanda: Painting.

Tyler: General Geekery, i.e. fixing people’s iPhones, taking things apart to see how they work.

Biggest supporter:

Our family


Amanda: Mandy, but Ty’s son Blake calls me Bindi

Tyler: Ty, or younger cousins call me Ty Ty

People always ask us:

Amanda: What was it like being in a family band?  😉

Tyler: How have you guys not killed each other yet?

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